John Connor/Marcus Wright Fan Community

You and me, we've been at war since before either of us even existed

The future is not set.
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John Connor/Marcus Wright Fan Community

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Welcome to the John Connor/Marcus Wright Fan Community.
"You and me, we've been at war since before either of us even existed!"
~ John Connor to Marcus Wright
  • No Flaming.

  • No off topic posts; posts must be related to John Connor/Marcus Wright.

  • Fiction, art, vids, icons, graphics, etc. are all welcome, no matter the rating, and do not have to be slash but can be friendship-based.

  • Tag your entries!!!! We will make you an author tag if you are new here and want to post something, just leave it blank and we'll do it for you, but after that please use your author tag. Also, please use a rating tag and a media tag (vid, fic, art, icon). If you feel you need a tag made, please feel free to message one of the mods.

  • Use the following form when posting anything (fic, art, vids, etc.) and place everything behind a cut. Your entry will be deleted if you do not use the following header:
    Word count (if applicable):
  • Discussions are fine; please label in the title that it is a discussion. And don't forget to place it under a cut.

If you have a community that is in any way related to John Connor and/or Marcus Wright or the actors who portray them, please comment in this post if you want to become affiliates. Thank you!