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John Connor/Marcus Wright Fan Community
You and me, we've been at war since before either of us even existed
Crazy Plans 
10th-Sep-2009 01:01 am
Crazy Plans
Author: Art Badger
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Slash
Thanks to Delorita for beta reading
Disclaimer: No ownership, no profit, etc. All credit to James Cameron, WarnerBro, McG, whoever else.
Summary: Blair comes up with a devious plan, which she shares with Kate. Marcus and Connor find out about the plan and set their own counter-plan into motion. The final plan plays out.

Note: This story is not part of the The Fate We Made series, but it could be if you closed your eyes and imagined! It's like an AU of the AU. Del gets all the blame because she got this idea stuck in my head and I had to get it out. It's the first time I've written something like this.


Blair's Crazy Plan


            Blair Williams was enjoying the unusual turn of events wherein she was the one who got to watch her lover sleep while she stayed awake thinking and letting her mind wander where it would. Considering how little sleep Marcus required it was rare that she got such chances. He looked a lot less threatening while he was sleeping and he hardly exuded any menace at all with his mouth slightly open, snoring lightly.

            He claimed that when he was fully human he hadn’t snored and Skynet must have made some sort of mistake when they put him back together that caused it. Blair couldn’t decide if he was kidding, lying or telling the truth. It would be nice to know that Skynet could make simple mistakes, so usually she assumed he was right about that. It was sort of cute, when he wasn’t loud enough to keep her awake. If he got too loud a good punch in the gut would wake him up enough to shift positions and he’d quiet down.

            Marcus must have felt her sitting on the edge of the bed because he reached up and felt around until he found her waist. In a single, swift motion he had an arm around her, pulled her flat to the bed and curled her against him. Blair was rather impressed since he was still snoring. She wondered, not for the first time, how much of him was really asleep. Certainly she’d never had any other boyfriends who could execute high-speed wrestling moves while asleep. Then again she’d never had a boyfriend who could do a lot of the things Marcus could do. Like bench press a motorcycle.

            A grin spread across Blair’s face as she remembered the day he’d done that. Marcus wasn’t an overly competitive person by nature, but he loved to push the limits. His limits, other people’s limits, any sort of limits. He considered a limit to be a personal challenge.

About three weeks after they’d destroyed Skynet’s San Francisco hub and gotten Connor his new heart, Marcus had decided to find out just how much his cyborg body could take. He'd tried jeeps, but they were too big to bench press practically. He was 'only' about as strong as a T-600 despite his more advanced design. The light-weight metallic/ceramic material used to keep him within a normal human weight range meant he wasn’t as physically powerful or well armored as the 700s. The new 800’s left him in the dust, though he was faster and more flexible then they were.

Blair made herself comfortable against Marcus. There were a few places on his body where she could feel the hardness of his cyborg skeleton, but mostly he felt like an ordinary man. Her head against his shoulder, Blair idly traced her fingers across the abstract design inked on his stomach. After returning from the Skynet medical lab, Marcus had found someone to give him a few tattoos. He explained some of them to her but he didn’t mention why he’d suddenly wanted to get them. She figured that when he was ready, he’d tell her what it was about.

Her favorite was the rooster on his right arm. It was supposed to stand for his brother whose favorite song had been “Rooster” by Alice in Chains. Tyler had carried around a tape, then later a CD, with the song on it so they could play it whenever they stole a car for a joyride. Marcus said it had still been playing when the cops caught them that last time, when his brother was killed.

Thinking of the story sent the song running through her head. She’d started calling him her machine gun man after he told her the story and he seemed to like it. Kyle Reese had picked up on it as well, though he had to have it explained to him. He was too young to have heard the song before the world ended. Kate Connor solved that problem when she produced an Alice in Chains CD for Marcus’s first birthday with the Resistance. No one knew where Kate managed to find the CDs she gave as presents, but she almost always had one handy for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, whatever. She had a knack for knowing just what sort of music people liked, too. Marcus been very close to tearing up when he ripped off the newspaper wrapping and saw the battered jewel case inside.

Blair yawned and watched her mind run off down another path at random. Thinking of Kate’s strange ability to produce CDs from nowhere, Marcus’ sudden urgent session of tattooing following the med-lab raid and Kyle in close succession had reminded her of the mysterious looks Kyle had aimed at Marcus for a while. Blair had eventually asked Marcus outright what was going on after all the glancing and staring had started driving her nuts. Not one to be subtle when he could deliver a factual sucker punch Marcus had simply told her that he and Kyle had slept together and the kid was trying to figure out what it meant.

That had thrown her for one hell of a loop. With minimal persuasion, Marcus had outlined the entire story for her. Shortly before Kyle’s capture by the Harvester, Marcus had found the kid off by himself after Star was asleep and somehow the conversation turned to girls which lead to Kyle mentioning that he was virgin. The world ending when he was 8, losing his family when he was 12 and spending the next four years as a teenage parent to a mute little girl had put considerable dampers on any chances he might have had. Marcus admitted that he wasn’t sure if he’d been taking advantage of the situation, but he’d offered to show Kyle the ropes after realizing that the kid’s continual glances his way weren’t just to make sure that Marcus wasn’t preparing to shoot him in the back.

Kyle seemed to have moved past the experience; he flirted quite happily with several of the women on base now that he wasn’t spending every waking hour gathering food or taking car of Star. He hadn’t gone anywhere with it as far as Marcus knew. Marcus had told her that Kyle let it slip that he wanted something like he saw between Kate and John or Marcus and Blair. The kid was a romantic at heart, a rarity in the post-apocalyptic world. Blair hoped eventually Kyle would find someone. If Marcus had given him many pointers that night then that someone would be damn lucky to have him.

Blair felt herself dozing off when a thought struck her and sleep was suddenly the last thing on her mind. Significant looks. Marcus and Kyle, which meant that Marcus didn’t have issues with other men. Especially significant looks. Kate and John. Her and Marcus. John and Marcus.

Well, damn. Blair was going to have to find Kate in the morning. She almost went to find her right then, but remembered that Dr. Walsh had the night shift today and Kate would already be her room, probably sleeping. So, first thing in the morning. Kate would take some convincing, but she’d gotten hints back when she and Hikak hung around with the Connors that Kate might be open to this sort of thing.

The plan percolating in Blair’s mind might end up silly, even colossally embarrassing if Kate didn’t go for it, but if it worked out, damn would it be worth it. She had to convince Kate then Kate could convince John and she’d convince Marcus. She’d have to round up a camera somewhere, too. The ultimate goal of her plan, after all, was not something she wanted to watch just once.




Marcus was going over the dossiers that Connor had given him on potential recruits to the new, elite team of saboteurs and tech-pirates that Marcus was going to be leading. He might not get along with most people but the ones who gave him a chance found out that Wright was a confident, skilled leader and people who listened to him and followed his orders usually not only survived but also accomplished their mission. The four men and two women already picked for his team had done several missions with him before and all of them were willing to walk through fire for the cyborg.

            Connor tapped his fingers against the table while Marcus read. He was thinking of the strange behavior he'd been observing between Kate and Blair for the past few days.

            "Has Blair been acting strange, Marcus?"

            "Not really." Marcus didn't look up from the page he was going over. "Why?"

            "She and Kate have been spending a lot more time together then usual and Kate puts me off whenever I ask what they're doing." She'd gotten pretty embarrassed about it the first time he asked her, too.

            "Oh, that. They're scheming something." The other man did not sound very interested.

            "Any idea what?"

            "They want to get us to sleep together." Marcus flipped a page, "Blair got the idea when I told her about showing Kyle the ropes back in L.A. She wanted to know why he was acting odd around me for a few days after we first got here."
            Connor's jaw had fallen open at the first words and his eyes were on the verge of exploding out of his head, along with his brain. Marcus had done what with Kyle? And Blair wanted – and Kate was in it with her?


            Marcus nodded and flipped another page. He either had not noticed Connor's shock or, much more likely, was simply ignoring it. He tended to do that with other people's emotions unless they directly affected his ability to do whatever it was he wanted to do at the time. Connor wasn't preventing him from reading.

            Connor solved that by snatching the dossiers away from Marcus. Finally the other man looked up, a mild annoyance flashing across his face.

            "What? You hadn't figured it out?" a shadow of Marcus' usual smug grin showed on his stubbled face.

            "No! How the hell did you get the idea that's what they're planning?"

            "You've really never seen Blair try to keep a secret, have you?" The grin wasn't a shadow at all by now.

            That, Connor had to admit, was true enough. There were few people left in the world worse at keeping her emotions or motivations secret then Blair Williams. It helped that Marcus was good at figuring out what people were thinking even if he didn't usually act on the knowledge.

            "And you did what with Kyle?"

            Annoyance and impatience replaced the smug humor on Marcus' face. "Come off it, Connor. He was a 16 year old virgin and I'd just woken up after being dead for fifteen years and in prison for three more before that. I just showed him the basics. No harm done."

            Connor would probably have accepted that a bit easier if it wasn't his father Marcus was talking about. Kyle wasn't his father yet but, still. He'd let that slip to Marcus once before and he wasn't going to compound that mistake by repeating it.

            "Blair and Kate, what, they're going to try to trick us into –" He trailed off

            "Fucking" Marcus' grin was back, "would be the word you're looking for."

            "Thanks, Wright. I knew it was something with an F." Connor muttered, irked. Asshole cyborg. Not that he hadn't likely been just as much of an asshole when he was fully human.

            "I figure they're probably just sorting out the best arguments to use. Kate wouldn't try tricking you into doing anything. I'm a bit surprised Blair hasn't just told me. I guess she wants to spring it on us both at the same time." Marcus leaned back in his chair, stretching. He didn't need to, but it was hard to break twenty eight years worth of human habits.

            Connor eyed Marcus as the other man stretched. The worn grey t-shirt clung to his powerful torso. Marcus wasn't bulky and muscular like Connor himself, he was lean and trim with just enough heft to his frame. His build and the way he moved had reminded Connor on more then one occasion of a big hunting cat, a lion or a panther. Graceful, unconcerned and lazily powerful.

            The grin on his face when he caught Connor's gaze was similarly catlike; a cat who'd never been hungry a day in his life.

            "Considering their plan?" the tone of Marcus' voice suggested that Connor wasn't the only one considering it.

            "I guess I am." Connor nodded slowly, half to himself. "You?"

            "I'd give you a roll, Connor." The grin slowly spread into a hungry smile, showing a lot of bright teeth, "Besides, it's not like there won't be some extra benefits to giving the ladies what they want."

            After a few moments of consideration Connor offered a grin of his own. "Kate's off duty in two hours, Blair's off in one."

            "Blair'll be mad at you if you ruin another one of her plans, Connor. She didn't appreciate the grenade launcher that night."

            "Teach her not to have a Plan B. Besides, I think she'll get over it in this case."

            The two men hashed out the details of their counter-strategy to the scheme of their respective women quickly. Marcus left the small office to meet up with Blair an hour later, leaving Connor to finish the details of the team selection before he went to collect Kate at the infirmary.




            "What did Connor want to talk about?" Blair asked again. She hadn't been paying attention when Marcus first told her. He was now refusing to answer, which she thought was unfair of him. She'd been occupied with the plan she and Kate were cooking up.

            "Hey, aren't you going to at least knock?"

            "Nope." Marcus grinned at her as he pushed open the door to the small quarters the Connors had to themselves. Being leader of the Resistance gave some benefits, it seemed. Blair and Marcus shared a single room with Star and, when he felt like it, Kyle.

            Blair followed him into the room and did a quick double-take. John was shirtless, his face hidden in Kate's hair. She was sitting in his lap, back to the door, hands hidden between them.

            While Blair was still momentarily speechless, Marcus went ahead with the plan.

            "John?" Kate gasped when she felt new hands exploring her back.

            "Surprise," both the men spoke at the same time. Connor winked at Blair through Kate's hair and Marcus grinned over his shoulder before he leaned in and closed Connor's mouth with his. Blair had enough presence of mind to lock the door before anyone else joined in.

            Trapped between her husband's familiar body and the more compact form of Marcus, Kate's mind raced. She could see Blair still standing by the door, obviously clueless. Kate felt for her since she had even less idea what was going on. They'd been planning to suggest something like this, but it looked like the guys had gotten there first! Marcus' hands were doing amazing things as they worked their way down her back. She felt his stubbled cheek against hers as he kissed her husband. She could practically hear the strong rhythm of his heart, certainly she could feel it against her back.

            She felt John trying to stand up, but between her weight on his lap and Marcus holding them both down he was trapped in the chair. It only took a few seconds for Marcus to get the message though. He solved the problem very simply by closing his arms around both the Connors and lifting them from the chair. He put John down on the desk and let Kate slip out from between the two men.

            Blair had finally recovered from her stupor and was standing right behind Kate. Both women watched in amazement as John got to work stripping off Marcus' shirt and both men fumbled with their belts.

            Kate leaned over and whispered to Blair while she kept her eyes on her husband's hands exploring Marcus' bare chest. "This was the plan, right?"

            "Yep." Blair's eyes were glued to the men as well.

            "So what happened to the part where we start the plan?"

            "Don't know. I think I'm alright skipping to this part, though."

            John and Marcus shared a wicked grin as their belts preceded their pants to the floor. Marcus kicked off his combat boots while John finished the last of their clothes.

            "Damn," Kate breathed.

            "I know, right?"

            For her part, Blair had never really been in a position to appreciate just how big a guy John Connor was. He towered over Marcus and, had Marcus been a normal man, would have outweighed him by twenty or thirty pounds of muscle.  The scars that traced across his flesh were something that, for some strange reason, she loved. They made him human in a way that Marcus, for all his amazing qualities, wasn't. The scar on his chest from the heart surgery last year was echoed on his back by one marking where the Terminator had thrust the beam into him. There were more, bullet marks and shrapnel cuts. The Y-shaped claw mark left by the dying T-800 that ran down half of his face. Marcus didn't have scars. Every time her hands ran across his chest she was reminded that he wasn't human because his skin was perfect and unmarked by any of the injuries he'd taken.

            Kate's eyes traced the dark patterns that wrapped around Marcus' forearm, the rooster on his right bicep and the abstract design on his belly. There was another one on his ass, but John's hand was in the way. She wondered when he'd had the tattoos done and if she might convince John to get one. Maybe not, she liked him the way he was. She'd never really noticed just how small Marcus was. He projected such force and power that it wasn't until he was resting his forehead on John's nose that she realized he was so much shorter then her husband. It was easy to forget that despite being strong enough to overturn cars and go hand to hand with Terminators, Marcus was a lean man, without the heavy muscle that John had.

            "They are so damn hot." Blair's muttered comment broke Kate out of her impromptu visual exam.

            "Shh! Don't let 'em hear you say that!"

            "Too late." Marcus grinned over his shoulder and John wagged a finger at his wife, his own mouth busy exploring Marcus' throat and chest.

            "Are you both just going to stand there and admire the view?" John craned his neck to give the women a questioning look around Marcus.

            Kate and Blair shared a look and made the same sound of dismissal. They set to work shedding their own clothes as fast as they could.




            Marcus allowed John to push him back onto the small bed he and Kate shared. When John forced both of his hands above his head Marcus just grinned up at the bigger man and let him have his way. They both knew, and so did the women, that Marcus could break free of John's grip at any moment. He didn't much want to, though. Not with John's tongue working its way down his chest. The feel of another mouth on his neck forced a laugh from him; Kate was biting right where he was most ticklish. He wondered idly if Blair had told her about that spot.

            "I told you he'd like that" Blair's voice confirmed what he'd suspected.

            "Giving away all my secrets –" he cut off with a groan. Connor had stopped stroking him long enough to let Blair press both of them together. Blair's hand around him was familiar, her grip pressing his flesh against Connor's was not. Feeling the heat and hardness of another man in Blair's hands along with his own was more of a turn-on then he'd expected.

            "You bet, Machine Gun Man." Blair laughed at him.

            Marcus would have protested when Blair relaxed her grip on his hard shaft and Connor let go of his wrists, but Kate stopped him in his tracks with a kiss and a stroking hand that was so different, so much more gentle, then Blair's. He almost knocked her on the head when he jumped at the touch of unfamiliar lips on his aching cock. He broke the kiss with Kate to look down and confirm his suspicions.

            "Damn, Connor." The other man's green eyes glinted mischievously. Any further words Marcus had for Connor were lost in a heart-felt groan of pleasure as Connor ducked his head and took more of Marcus' length into his mouth.

            Marcus heard Blair whispering in Connor's ear but he couldn't make out what she was saying through the fog in his head. Connor's tongue made the message clear: Blair was giving away more secrets. A soft whimper escaped his lips as one after another Connor found the spots that Blair had learned were his greatest weaknesses. He could tell from the movements of her shoulders and arms that Blair wasn't just giving Connor verbal tips, she was giving him a live demonstration.

            "Kate?" his voice was rough and he had to clear his throat to get the words out intelligibly, "C'mere."  She leaned in obligingly and gave a surprisingly girlish shriek when he twisted around in the bed to wrap his arms around her waist and haul her up off the floor and onto his chest.

            Kate didn't taste like Blair, who always tasted faintly of sweat and engine grease from her plane no matter how recent her shower or how long since she'd flown. She tasted almost like Connor did, though there was the slightest hint of the horrible black sludge that couldn't quite be called coffee which she lived off. No one on base would touch the stuff except Kate and her medics. A kiss with Kate wasn't a contest, which made it a nice change from Blair. She made him think of the type of wholesome girls who wouldn't have anything to do with a thug like him back before the world ended. He chuckled to himself while his hands explored her body the same way his tongue was exploring her mouth.

            He gave a gentle bite to her right ear after the kiss and whispered to her quietly enough that he was sure the otherwise-occupied Connor and Blair wouldn't hear him.

            "You're gunna help me give Connor another surprise, alright?"

            Kate didn't answer out loud but the devious smirk she had to have learned from her husband spoke for itself. She listened intently while Marcus whispered into her ear. At the end of the quick conference the smirk had grown into a huge smile.

            Connor's rough tongue and hot breath on his balls made Marcus bite his lip to hold back a yelp. While Connor had him distracted, Marcus lost his hold on Kate and she slipped off to join Blair at the foot of the bed where she was giving Connor the same treatment that Marcus was getting. The muted whispers between the two women lasted on a few seconds before Blair gave a sharp exclamation.

            "What're you two – Hey!" Marcus' move was made at the inhuman speed he could demonstrate whenever the situation called for it. He had Connor flat on his back and the other man's heavy body covered with his own. Marcus was careful to keep his weight supported on his knees rather then potentially crushing Connor. When Connor opened his mouth again, Marcus closed it with his own. He swallowed whatever protest Connor was going to make. This was his part of the deal: keep Connor distracted.

            He was partially successful. Connor certainly noticed what was going on; Marcus felt him tense up at first and start to struggle but he quickly relaxed and signaled his approval. The straining cock that throbbed against Marcus's stomach was evidence enough of his continuing arousal.

            "Fuck! Marcus!" Connor's voice was even deeper and raspier then normal when he broke the rough kiss that he'd been trapped in. "Let me breathe!"

            Shrugging and giving Connor a look that promised he might regret asking, Marcus relented. He worked his way down Connor's body. His tongue found the scar where they'd opened the other man's ribs to put in the new heart that Marcus had grown for him with stolen Skynet machines. He found the old slash under Connor's left nipple left by part of a T-400 that Kyle had blown to bits with his grenade launcher before it could kill both Connor and Marcus. There was a bullet wound where a 600 had gotten off a few rounds before Blair had taken it out with an air strike.


            "What, can't you breathe?" he caught the hand Connor had meant for the back of his head and gently bit one of the fingertips. Marcus pressed a hand against Connor's diaphragm and chuckled as he felt the off-rhythm heaving of Connor's lungs. "C'mon, Connor, I'm forty-five. I should be the one out of breath here."

            "You," Connor paused to let out a shuddering exhalation when Marcus reached between their bodies to wrap his fist around Connor's leaking shaft and give it a solid tug. He shifted his hand and ground the other man's hard cock against his own belly, the heel of his hand working Connor's sack. "You cheat."

            "Damn straight."

            Whatever reply Connor had for that was lost when he suddenly twisted under Marcus and gave a startled yelp.

            "Blair!" Connor thumped Marcus on the chest until the smaller man heaved himself up enough that Connor could see between them to look at what was going on down there.

            "Sorry, John, that was me." Kate looked almost sheepish, but when Blair's face appeared next to hers the expression was ruined by Blair's broad, teasing grin.

            "Too much?" Blair's too-innocent tone set Marcus laughing and Connor tried to glower at them both before laying his head back with a half amused grunt.

            "Some warning!" Connor barked out.

            "Warnings, time for breathing, you're too demanding Connor." Marcus' breathed in to Connor's ear, low and rough. He felt the shiver that sent down Connor's spine. A gentle bite and the way he worried at Connor's ear lightly with his teeth got an even better reaction: a violent shudder went through Connor's entire body.

            Kate's mouth joined Marcus' on Connor's chest. Blair left Connor to the attentions of his wife and her boyfriend. She settled herself to the side of the bed, back to the wall, and took in the view contentedly. While Marcus worked his way down to Connor's stomach, Kate worked her way up to her husband's mouth.

            With Kate's attention on him, Marcus was able to shift positions without Connor even noticing. The other man didn't get any warning until he felt the rough stubble of Marcus' three-day beard against his stomach. Marcus' tongue followed the trail of hair down from Connor's bellybutton until he found his target.

            When Marcus took Connor into his mouth the bigger man bucked and broke his wife's kiss to jerk his head up so he could see Marcus crouched between his legs, one hand wrapped around Connor's balls and the other on his own hard cock. Marcus grinned at Connor as he slowly sat back on his heels. The look in Connor's eyes as he took in Marcus' position and his own was priceless.

            He slipped an arm under Connor's waist and pulled the man upright until Connor was virtually sitting in his lap. The widening of Connor's eyes was echoed in Marcus' grin. He really hadn't had this much fun in a long, long time.

            "Not this time, John. I told you I'd give you a roll though, and you can bet your ass I'm sticking to that."

            Kate and Blair had impeccable timing. Even Marcus was half-surprised when he felt their hands on him. Once again his flesh was pressed hard against Connor's by Blair's hand. This time Kate's softer fingers joined Blair's as the two women finished what they'd been plotting for days. As hot and eager as both men were, it wasn't long before they shot together, coating their stomachs. Marcus let them both fall onto his back, Connor's weight didn't distress him in the least.

            His neck ached mildly where Connor's teeth had buried themselves when he came. One thing Blair complained about to him was that despite however much work she put into a good hickey, it was gone an hour later. He figured the one Connor left would take much longer then that. He was lucky the man hadn't bitten right through to the metal. He imagined that now Blair would be trying to out-do Connor and the fun he could have with that.

            "You ever tease me like that again, Wright and I'll –"

            Kate stopped Connor's words this time. When she let him up for air, Blair was the one who answered him.

            "That's what you get for ruining our plan, Connor."

            "Ruining?! You –" Connor started to protest again.

            "That's not the point, John." Kate's used her no-nonsense Doctor Connor voice, though her expression was utterly impish.

            "What about him?!"

            Marcus gave a lazy smile and stretched out under Connor's weight. The women ignored his expression, looking like a cat with a lifetime supply of cream. Both of them nodded agreement as they said together "He cheats."


18th-Sep-2009 07:59 pm (UTC)
YAY!!!! You posted it!!!!! (Sorry I wasn't around)

I absof++ckingly LOVE IT!!!! And I would never have guessed it was your first hot piece. Feel free to send me more naughty things if the crazy muse strikes again ;)
18th-Sep-2009 08:42 pm (UTC)
There's a sane muse?
25th-Sep-2009 05:58 am (UTC)
yes, I think there is a sane muse. It's the one which let us write friendshippy and gen fics :D The muse that wants us to write about sex, is always a bit on the crazy site, especially the one that wants us to write S L A S H ;)
25th-Sep-2009 03:56 pm (UTC)
I'm pretty sure all muses are crazy, some just a bit more crazy then others.
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